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Over 18,000 auto dealerships. 45+ national auto manufacturers. These are the numbers that distinguishes Auto Service & Repair from others, allowing us to build a bridge between each customer and the automotive services and resources that they need. Every visitor can expect nothing but the best for their vehicle, with every possible auto expert just within reach.

Auto Service & Repair is the most comprehensive automotive dealership service and repair resource designed to empower car owners with the knowledge they need to become involved with the process of maintaining their vehicle.

For years, factory-authorized automotive dealerships have been dedicated to excellence in the auto service and repair industry as they commit to uncompromising service. This is something they take pride in. It’s providing customers with the kind of service that meets and surpasses expectations at every point.

Manufacturers assess Auto Dealerships to ensure that their facilities, equipment, tools, materials, certification and much more are always up-to-date.

Auto dealerships are committed and focused on complete customer satisfaction!

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We have everything covered! Auto Service & Repair provides a comprehensive overview of resources information, and insight for your automotive needs. We take pride in delivering auto dealership services and high quality content designed to empower car owners.