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Battery Care and Maintenance in Winter

Winter may be a great time for those who enjoy the cold weather, with the soft blanket of snow over everything, and the fun and good cheer that often comes with the season. For car owners however, winter also brings in a lot of inconvenience, especially when you think about what winter does to car batteries.

Why Winter Causes Battery Problems

What does the cold weather have to do with the way your car batteries works? Imagine a can filled with different chemicals. This is what your battery is. These chemicals produce electrons for it to give power to the vehicle it is attached to. You know how they say “Heat up your engine”? With the right amount of heat, your car batteries produce tons of electrons that would give everything attached to it enough power to function. However, once the temperature starts dropping, the chemical processes happening within the battery slows down. This means that only a few electrons are produced, making it harder to start the car’s engine.

Avoiding Battery Issues in Winter

Although your car gets used less during the winter as the snow gets higher, this is no excuse for you to let your car, especially your car batteries, just take a vacation over the season. This will only cause bigger problems later on, and although your local auto dealerships would be able to help you out in every possible way, prevention is still better than cure.

So what do you do to keep your car batteries in great condition even through the harshest winter months?

  • Splurge on a battery charger. If you know that you would have to put your car batteries into storage, might as well invest on the right equipment. The really efficient batteries are somewhat expensive, but using it over a few winters would make it a lot cheaper than having to buy new car batteries every single year.
  • Have your car tested. Have your local auto dealership test your starting and charging system regularly, because you have to make sure that it is working at top condition the moment winter starts creeping in. Remember that winter always reduces your car’s ability to work at its best, so might as well have factory-trained technicians work on helping you prepare for the cold winter season.
  • Seek professional help. As with anything else, only an expert would know the best ways to prevent any problems. Because of this, it’s best to seek advice from any master-certified technician from your local auto dealership. Not only will they be able to prepare your car and its batteries for winter, they would also be the best source of advice on how to keep your car working at its best in any season.

Your car batteries may have a tough time working at its best during winter, but it’s all up to you on how you would help it survive. Make the right decisions, and trust the right people. Always think about your local auto dealership to make sure that the right people are working on your vehicle at all times.



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