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Getting a Wheel Alignment

On a road trip to that well-deserved vacation out of town, you drive excitedly as you imagine how relaxing your days would be when you get to there. But, you seem to be getting wiggly where your car’s straight path should be. Something doesn’t feel right – you’re on the right path but your car’s just not pointing in the right direction because your wheel alignment is off.

Steering is difficult and suspension feels troublesome. Your safety is on the line as misaligned wheels could give a strain on your tires. Must we even begin to weigh now just how important it is to have your wheels properly aligned? We thought so.

What causes your tires to become misaligned? Here are a few:

  • Driving through potholes of various depths
  • Turning and hitting the curb as you do
  • Wear and tear of tires
  • Stretched out springs

Car owners know how expensive tires could be. You shell out $150 – $500+ per tire. Prevention, as they say, is still way better than cure – which if applied in wheels could mean getting wheel alignment services and paying from $50 to $150+ for the entire process instead of paying $600+ when you buy new tires. This underscores the importance of regular car maintenance with significant consideration to wheel alignment.

What are the benefits of properly aligned wheels?

  • Your safety on the road
  • Better gas mileage
  • Savings from buying expensive tires

A sure way to detect problem with the wheel alignment of your car is to check the wear on your tires. If there is considerable difference in the wear on one side of a tire, chances are, your tires are not aligned and thus need to be fixed.

There are cars that require all four wheels to be aligned. There are others that only need alignment in the front wheels. The type of alignment depends on the suspension of your car. Alignment varies from car maker to car maker. It is best that you have your wheels checked for alignment when you subject your car to oil change. Depending on how frequent your car needs to change oil is based on the car manual or recommendations of your factory-trained technician from your local auto dealership. Since your safety is of primary importance, wheel alignment should be regularly checked. A lot of damages can be sustained with 6000 miles and its impact on the tires could affect alignment.

Alignment needs proper positioning of the wheels in relation to the surface of the road. This should be done by your master-certified technician. Machines that do the process could precisely detect the angle of misalignment and adjust the wheels accordingly. Your factory-trained technician will adjust suspension angles like camber, caster, toe, and thrust to properly move the tire in position.

Merely looking at the tires to check for misalignment could not be as effective. Fractions of degrees of misalignment couldn’t easily be detected by the naked eye. You will need the assistance of your local auto dealership, with the help of master-certified technicians, who could inspect your car thoroughly and do professional wheel alignment.


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