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textChanging the Power Steering Fluid

Changing the Power Steering Fluid

Changing the power steering fluid of your vehicle is not really a part of the routine maintenance of your car. It’s within your discretion if you want to change it or otherwise. If you regularly let your local auto dealership do the service for your car, you may have been asked before if you want to do a power steering fluid change. Because there is no specific rule about this, it can be a bit tricky to decide, first if you want to do the change, and second when to do it. If you're unsure of how to proceed, consult with your local auto dealership. For certain, factory-trained technicians will be happy to help you with your dilemma.

Power steering may appear to be an extravagance you can do without; however, you may very well put yourself – and your passengers – at risk. A low-level power steering fluid spill might be the cause of the problem. An automobile made to have power steering can be extremely difficult to steer without it. In the event that it just goes without warning, you may lose control of the car and wind up in a hospital. The good thing is, it only takes a couple of minutes to assess and change the power steering fluid.

Symptoms of a Low-Level Power Steering Fluid

There are a variety of symptoms that can result in a low-level power steering fluid. Below are some of the most evident signs and if you experience one or all of them, you or your local auto dealership have to check your power steering fluid. These symptoms include:

  • Loud steering
  • Jerky steering
  • Difficult to turn steering
  • Squealing steering
  • Stains or spills under the vehicle

Check Your Fluid Level

It is advisable to look at your power steering fluid when the engine is cold; however, check first if your vehicle has indicators for examining it hot or cold. The tank that contains your power steering fluid may be found under the hood, typically on the side of the passenger. In rare instances though, it’s on the driver’s side. There should be a mark that says “steering” on top so finding it won’t be that hard.

The majority of vehicles nowadays come with an opaque tank that enables you to examine the amount of the fluid without having to open the container. Simply wipe it off for a clearer view of the marks, then proceed with checking the fluid level. If your car does not have a clear tank, you will need to remove the cover to verify the fluid level. Prior to opening it, make sure that you have a cloth to clean the cover and the area surrounding it. Dust and debris can aggravate the system. The cover will have a dipstick constructed into it so simply wipe the stick off, twist the cover on, then take it off again and finally, examine the level.

Remember that your power steering fluid level must be monitored closely until you’re able to change it. If it continues to shed power steering fluid, a serious leak will happen that can cause a vehicular accident.

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