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textReplacing Your Car’s Cabin Air Filter

Replacing Your Car’s Cabin Air Filter

Cabin air filter is the filtering system that cleans the air that enters your vehicle. It removes the dust and pollen carried by the air well before these particles enter the cabin of the vehicle. In essence, it acts like your filtering system at home that cleans the air that comes from the A/C unit.

Between the latter part of the ‘80s and the early ‘90s, only a number of European high-end vehicles had this kind of filter. But nowadays, the filter is prevalent in all new vehicles. In many superior automobiles, there could be two filters, or even three. Occasionally, they are side-by-side, and at times they are positioned one after the other.

What is the Importance of the Cabin Air Filter?

When you look at the big picture, this filter is not all that relevant. Quite a lot of automobiles don’t even have a cabin filter. Before making plans on how to change it, make sure that your vehicle actually has one. If you can’t find where it is, just ask the help of your local auto dealership. The many master-certified technicians there will easily point it out for you.

The cabin filter is more of a comfort filter. A vehicle can surely function efficiently without one. But for those who are allergic to dust or particularly sensitive to dirt, this filter is a good car feature. Vehicle owners who have respiratory problems can breathe easier in a car with a cabin air filter.

You can check if your filter is clogged or starting to be one when you hear more noise and less air whenever you turn on your car’s fan. If the vehicle continuously smells bad, it is another indication that a change may be needed. But to be on the safe side, changing it once a year is recommended.

Where is the Cabin Filter Located?

A cabin air filter can be in the exterior air intake, noticeable when the car hood is up. It can also be positioned beneath the dash in either of these two basic spots:

  • Over the blower in the rear portion of the exterior air intake
  • Between the blower and the remaining parts of the heating and cooling case.

If your vehicle’s manual does not explain to you the cabin filter's location, and you don't see it even when the hood is open, look behind the glove box. If all fails, drop by at your local auto dealership and ask any of the factory-trained technicians to locate it for you.

When is the Best Time to Change the Cabin Filter?

There is no specific time or moment when the cabin air filter must be changed. It usually varies from one vehicle brand to another. Some automobile brands suggest changing the cabin filter after the 12,000-mile mark while some recommend waiting for 15,000 miles or longer. It usually depends on how often you use the car and where you drive. Of course, if you often pass by a dusty area or your route home always makes you drive in heavy traffic, you may have to change the cabin filter more often than what’s normal.

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