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When to Get the Shocks Replaced or Serviced

Driving your way to work or on long road trips would be more comfortable if your car suspension is in superb condition.  Since comfort is also of prime importance, car owners should be wary about all the functioning parts of his car. The key to good suspension is a shock absorber that does its job well and without trouble. Also called dampers, these are basically springs that hold your car’s suspension to give cushion for the bumps and other natural shocks your car is subjected to during driving.

The shock absorber carries the bounce when the springs recoil as the car moves along bumpy roads. A nice, smooth ride gives you lesser bounce or none at all, regardless of what kind of road you are driving on. You will know that your shock absorber is worn-out when you sense more bounces and your car moves a lot more than normal.

You can also detect damage when you do sharp curves and there is more leaning movements than usual. If you hit on the brakes and your car seems to dive forward really hard, you need to have your car checked for a worn shock absorber.

The dampers do not get damaged abruptly or easily. It takes time and depends on how properly you drive your car. A casual look at your vehicle won’t automatically present the damage. It will take a meticulous assessment on your car’s performance to detect the condition of the absorbers.

What you could do, off the top of your head, is to push every corner of your car down, release, and check for continuous bouncing. If you see bouncing, there is a need to change your shocks.

Shock absorbers need to be replaced ideally on the 50000-mile mark if you drive far from normal driving conditions. This includes constantly driving through tough and rough roads, and carrying heavy loads every now and then. These will contribute a lot to damages on the damper and possibly affect the overall performance of your car and the comfort you would get when you are riding.

Like most of the other basic requirements in car maintenance, the shock absorber should always be included in the parts to be observed and regularly checked when you go to your mechanic for oil change. It is always best to be more proactive in detecting possible damages in any of your car parts to ensure that your car will be in great shape and more importantly, to keep you safe when you are using it.

You could opt to do the checking yourself or call your favorite mechanic. A better option though, is to bring your car to a local auto dealership store in time for your oil change. The factory-trained technicians should be able to help you inspect the car professionally. These master-certified technicians can check and replace the shock absorbers for you and help give you peace of mind that comes with knowing that your car’s handling and overall performance is always excellent.

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